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Refrigerator Repair Jacksonville

Need refrigerator repair Jacksonville residents? Valerios Appliance Repair is the answer to all of your refrigerator repair needs. Valerios Appliance Repair has been serving the greater Jacksonville area for many years and has always provided quality refrigerator repair services.

Our refrigerator repair service is always focused on customer service. We always want to make sure that we correctly diagnose the problem with your refrigerator the first time. When we correctly diagnose the problem with your refrigerator it ensures that we are able to give an accurate estimate. It also ensures that you do not have to call another appliance repair company to fix the same problem. Our focus is always quality of service and maintaining our excellent reputation. When it comes to older refrigerators sometime it can cost more to repair the refrigerator than it would cost to buy another used refrigerator. The older the refrigerator, the harder it can be to find the parts. The harder the parts are to find, the more the parts will cost. It can also take longer to receive those parts which can leave you without a refrigerator until the parts become available. Most refrigerator repair jobs can be handled the same day but some will require parts to be ordered. As a customer you have to weigh the cost of the repair and also consider how long it will be before there is another repair to be made. If your refrigerator is not working and the repair estimate is higher than what the refrigerator is worth you should definitely buy a different refrigerator instead of choosing to repair your current refrigerator. If you are looking to buy a refrigerator Valerios Appliance Repair also sells used refrigerators at our storefront. Our prices are far lower than that of other used refrigerator and appliance repair stores. All of the used refrigerators we sell at our storefront are in excellent working condition. Whether you need a refrigerator repair company in Jacksonville or are looking to buy a used refrigerator in Jacksonville, Valerios Appliances is the company to call for all of your appliance needs.